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I'm a certified spiritual life coach & energy healer.

My light didn't always shine as bright as it does now.

For most of my life it was buried underneath layers of depression, anxiety, and painful trauma. I felt trapped inside myself & consistently sabotaged my own efforts. I felt lost, stressed, and ashamed of who I was and where I've been. When I finally hit rock bottom and got tired of my own bullshit, I catapulted into a deep spiritual awakening.


I gained so much wisdom from incredible teachers, hundreds of books & courses, plant medicine, and turning inward. On this journey I learned how to drop my negative mindset, heal my trauma, shed old beliefs, discovered my purpose (and psychic gifts), and uncovered my authentic truth. After taking on my own transformation, it became my mission to help others do the same. I want to watch the world thrive.

We'll work together through a combination of energy work, life coaching, meditation, mirror work, and so much more. In guiding you to your spiritual gifts &  authentic truth, we'll clear out all  the bullshit so you can start calling in more of what lights you up in life.


I'm Taylor!


Ready to get started?!

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Turn your shadows into Magic

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