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Question for you...

What would it take to embody your self-worth, upgrade your energy, & begin to discover your inner-truth in 90 days??

Image by Peter Gargiulo

What if you...

Cultivated the deep self-love and trust you needed in order to take bold, inspired action?


Were finally able to TRUST your ability to co-create & make MAJOR shifts happen in your world?


Could recognize that you're a dreamer, a truth seeker, a light bringer, and an alchemist?


I know you want to move mountains with the gifts & knowledge you hold inside.

ready to Claim your power?
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You know that in order to upgrade your energy & confidence, your soul needs to heal & integrate the shadows hiding in your foundation.



& it sounds scary AF to navigate on your own...

so you end up second-guessing yourself and ask questions like:


   How do I access those hidden parts of myself?

   I’ve done the mantras, meditations, and affirmations… what am I missing? 


   How do I get over my anxiety & trust my intuition?


   I know I need to surrender & trust the process, but how do I actually do that??


   I see myself procrastinating, I see my perfectionism, but what do I do about it??

Deep down you want to have a life of abundance, connection, and fulfillment but don’t know if it's actually possible for you...

I feel you.

I see you.

I hear you.

You've been through sooo much in life,

& you carry the bags with you to prove it.


Yet, no matter how much you've been through, you’ve kept your

heart kind and your arms open.

Always saying yes & going with the flow, even when you don't really want to.


Over-extending yourself to show you care & hoping someone will notice.

Giving that person *one* more chance to change, even though you've

given them plenty....

And at the end of it, your cup feels emptier than before.


You've noticed this causing tension, frustration, and a bit of disconnect

from yourself and those you love.

But this can't be it, can it?


You're starting to see there is SO much beyond the bounds of:


 the exhaustion


the frustration


the doubts


 the blocks


the trauma.

Image by Ramiro Pianarosa

Can You Imagine?


Imagine discovering who you were



before the limited beliefs, programming & conditioning. 


before the heartbreak that blocked you from connection.


before the self-doubt that told you you’re not good enough. 


before you were taught that being sensitive is a bad thing....


I’m here to guide you to that version of who you are.


before life clouded your vision & kept your power hidden from you. 

There’s a whole world to inner-stand about your energy, your emotions, your gifts, and most importantly...


the piece of the universe living and breathing within you. 

Marble Surface
wanna know *that*
 Version of You? 

If you want to have unshakeable self-worth, up level your energy, and clear your blocks

I have something for you...


Loved By
The Universe



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"Still putting all your practices into my daily routine.

Keep up the awesome work girl. I can honestly affirm

that what you're doing is so helpful and you're

changing the world forreal".

"After our first session I felt better, lighter, and continued to even more so in the days that followed.

My energy also felt stronger and more accessible.

I would highly recommend working with her.

You won't be disappointed."

"To those who are thinking about reaching out to

Taylor for an amazing healing experience

should indeed do so...Taylor facilitated an amazing

experience & I really got to the root of where

my pain was stored and it felt amazing to release.

As a spiritual teacher and healer myself,

I think we all need some help when

trying to level up and raise our vibrations."












Phase 1:

Mapping & Clearing

  • We map out your current foundation, energy leaks, programming, and get an understanding of where you'd like to be in 3 months.

  • We understand your patterns of abandonment, attachment, scarcity, anxiety, trauma & unworthiness, while learning how to identify limiting beliefs.

  • Once we've created your shadow map, we go in & start clear the roots that no longer serve you using various forms of energy work, meditation, ceremony, mind work, and more.

  • Journal guidebook

  • Guided healing activities & meditations

  • Once a week 1:1 energy integration calls

  • Daily voice notes & text access

  • Daily home meditative work

Phase 2:

Align With Self-Love

  • This is where we start planting new seeds, uncover who you are, & learn how to fall in love with yourself.

  • We understand your current energy patterns & dynamics, clear shame & guilt, work on boundaries, and learn the art of forgiveness.

  • This is where you start reclaiming your personal power, while reprogramming for self love & unshakeable confidence through: mirror work, the power of music, self-love & forgiveness ceremonies, soul retrieval, and more.

  • Journal guidebook

  • Guided healing activities & meditations

  • Once a week 1:1 energy integration calls

  • Daily voice notes & text access

  • Daily home meditative work

Phase 3:

Embody & Manifest

  • Tapping & embodying the piece of the universe livning inside you with confidence, love, and power.

  • This is where we tap  into your divine potential: exploring your gifts, strengthening intuition, learning the balance of giving/ receiving, and digging into your new found magic.

  • We learn more about spirit guides, connecting to the divine, clearing any fears of self-expression, manifestation & the law of embodiment, nature connection, spiritual concepts, and more.

  • Journal guidebook

  • Guided healing activities & meditations

  • Once a week 1:1 energy integration calls

  • Daily voice notes & text access

  • Daily home meditative work

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What makes loved by the universe different?
Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 3.01.42 PM.png
  • Intimate 1:1 hour long coaching/ energy integration sessions x1 weekly via Zoom.

  • A weekly 20+ page guidebook with journal prompts, information, and excersies to walk you through the process.

  • Life-time access to guided meditations, ceremonies, and energetic healing techniques.

  • Daily support & access through voice notes & text message.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

I'm holding A container for 7 souls...

are you one of them?
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